The Collection

  • Last week in Los Angeles, we girls got together to shoot some of our favorite pieces from the goop collection, which we have worked on and curated with a lot of love over the past year. Inspired by modern, feminine dressing with an edge, here’s our hit list from our ever-expanding goop collection, from neutral tones to show-stopping dresses.
    Love, gp

  • The Party Piece

    Party Piece
    Party PieceParty Piece
  • The Rebel Shirt

    The Rebel Shirt
  • The Accessories

    The Accessories
    The AccessoriesThe Accessories
    Perfect pairings
  • The Winter-White

    The Winter-White
    Perfect pairings
  • The Collarless Jacket

    The Collarless Jacket
    Perfect pairings
  • The Slogan Tee

    The Slogan Tee
  • The Paneled Dress

    The Paneled Dress
    Perfect pairings
  • The Jumpsuit

    The Jumpsuit
    Perfect pairings
  • The Coat

    The Coat
    Perfect pairings
  • Photographer – Coliena Rentmeester

    Stylist – Samantha Traina

    Makeup – Angela Levin

    Hair – David Babaii

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