The Best Green Lattes, Thank You Very Matcha

Our passion for matcha lattes is nothing new (it’s why we partnered with Chalait to serve them in NYC’s goop mrkt), but it’s been mitigated by the fact that they’ve been hard to find. Until now, as they’re popping up on more and more menus. Here’s the really great thing: Matcha is known for its powerful health benefits, as it’s packed with antioxidants, including the powerful, cancer-protective epigallocatechin gallate, which isn’t found in any other green tea. Combine that with its gentle caffeine boost, which is nowhere near as sweat-inducing as the one associated with coffee, and it’s an obvious alternative to an afternoon espresso. Below, some of our favorite spots.


  • Cindy’s, Chicago Athletic Association Hotel

    Cindy’s, Chicago Athletic Association Hotel

    12 S. Michigan Ave., The Loop | 844.312.2221
    Drink it as is, or make it a “potion” (a.k.a. boozy) by adding gin and amaretto.

  • Sawada Coffee

    Sawada Coffee

    112 N. Green St., West Loop | 312.754.0431
    Hiroshi Sawada is the world latte art champion—his work is every bit as gorgeous as you’d expect, in a shop that’s got a cool vibe.

  • Real Good Juice Co.

    Real Good Juice Co.

    1647 N. Wells St., Old Town | 312.846.1897
    The excellently named Punky Juice-ster is really a juice (no milk involved), but it’s still creamy, minty, and wakes you right up.

Los Angeles

  • Alfred


    Locations in Brentwood, West Hollywood, and Silver Lake
    If we were regulars before they added matcha to the menu, now we’ve practically moved in.

  • Urth Caffe

    Urth Caffe

    Locations in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Downtown, and Pasadena
    Sure, it’s a borderline tourist trap, but these guys have been making Matcha since before Vinny Chase ate here.

  • MatchaBox


    8036 W. 3rd St., West Hollywood | 310.845.9392
    No milk, no sugar, no cash.

New York

  • Chalait


    224 W. 4th St., Greenwich Village | 212.929.0266
    The original, and still our favorite.

  • Jack’s Stir Brew

    Jack’s Stir Brew

    222 Front St., South Street Seaport | 212.227.7631
    Jack’s version is generous when it comes to honey and creamy milk—which is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

  • Rose Bakery

    Rose Bakery

    160 Lexington Ave., Murray Hill | 646.837.7750
    Okay, so it’s not a latte, but the matcha cake at Rose Bakery in Dover St. Market is the stuff of decadent dreams.


  • Farm Girl Café

    Farm Girl Café

    59a Portobello Rd., Notting Hill |

    Every kind of milk, from almond to coconut and beyond, is on tap.

  • Good Life Eatery

    Good Life Eatery

    Locations in Chelsea and Belgravia
    The matcha almond mylk is always stocked in the fridge for easy grab-and-go, but you can also order a hot latté at the counter.

  • Modern Pantry

    Modern Pantry

    Alphabeta Building, -18, Triton Court, Finsbury Square, Spitalfields |

    A fittingly healthy digestif.

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