Luke Janklow’s Favorite Summer Reads

Luke Janklow is an extremely tall, very hilarious, super smart book agent in New York City.

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The Best Jewelry Stores Opinion may be split about Valentine’s Day, but we need the thinnest wisp of an excuse to supplement our jewelry collection. Whether you’re dropping hints—or more inclined to pick something up for yourself—here are some of our favorite stateside jewelry spots that all sell online...

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“We came up with the idea for Birchbox during our last semester of business school. We had a few months until graduation and decided it was the perfect opportunity to write a business plan and put all our learning to good use. ” read more

The Importance of Meditation

“Human beings have the peculiar ability to be self-reflective, to observe themselves even as they are in process. The Buddha’s method harnesses this ability and develops it.” read more

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