Ask Laurie: A Black-Tie Look on a Budget?

Dear Laurie, I have a black-tie wedding in NYC in December. What can I wear if my budget is around $350 for the outfit? – Anna L

Dear Anna, Contrary to popular belief, a black-tie-appropriate outfit doesn’t have to break the bank—especially if you’re all set on accessories (like a clutch, statement jewelry, and great heels that go with everything). In that case, blowing your budget on one hero piece may be worthwhile. A great jumpsuit, for example, can really save the day—it’s a little unexpected but completely on point. For something more traditional that you’ll get a ton of wear out of, you don’t necessarily have to stick with black: A deep, classic red is both formal and fitting for the season. Of course, there’s always the option of mixing it up with a print or a bit of texture (I’m thinking lace, in particular). Below are a few foolproof options around the $350 range to get you inspired.

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