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We’re feeling inspired by the dressed down, sporty aesthetic of street wear championed by fashion bloggers and models off-duty. So together with SSENSE, we’ve pulled together some “luxed up” options from a trend that’s garnered cult status.

Our inspiration

Photos: Tommy Ton / Trunk Archive

The Trophy Sweater

High fashion meets pop culture with the iconic Givenchy sweatshirt. Keep it casual with tailored shorts and high tops.

Switch it: Dress it up and tone it down…

Track Side

A sporty alternative to black pants but just as chic, and getting ahead on next season’s mules.

Switch it: Studs, gold, texture

The Bomb

A street luxe staple, the bomber jacket is reinterpreted in color blocking neoprene, and paired with some contrasting texture.

Switch it: For a night out


A cool take on boyish charm, add high shine and statement jeans.

Switch it: Boy meets girl

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