Spring Fashion

I am going back to my day job this spring (filming a movie) and I am confronted with a few wardrobe issues. First of all, I never know what to wear in Los Angeles (are those pajamas??) and inexplicably, I am always freezing here. Having had a good look through the spring collections, I don’t think it’s necessary to make any sweeping changes. They are still selling gladiators that are almost identical to the ones I got last spring and there hasn’t been any major shift in silhouettes. I am going to stick with the classics and update a few simple pieces that are easy to wear. In keeping with the idea (as my mom says) of shopping in your closet, I recently did a good look-through and found some things that I will now call “vintage” as well as doing a big cathartic spring cleanout. I thought maybe I would eBay some of my favorite and most treasured things to raise some money for the Robin Hood Foundation, who do a lot of amazing work in New York City.

Love, gp

Look #1: Classic Trench Coat

The trench coat never goes out of style. Whether you invest in a Burberry or pick up this Topshop version, it’s a staple that will always remain in your closet. Wearing the trench with distressed jeans and black flats is perfect for the morning school run. You can also throw it over a dress for a slightly more dressed-up occasion.

Look #2: Nautical Stripe

The classic French t-shirt always looks right in spring year after year. This one by St. James is as authentic as it comes.

Note: preppy rules, just don’t do it from head to toe.

Look #3: Ethnic Prints

Both of these looks are by Isabel Marant, a young, chic designer in Paris. These dresses are easy to wear as they have their own thing going on and don’t need any accessorizing or further thought. Many brands have the same idea at the moment, see below for the Topshop version.

Look #4: Slouchy Trousers

You can’t go wrong with a good pair of khakis. These baggy ones are extremely comfortable and work rolled up. Pair with a shirt that has some edge to mix up the look.

Look #5: A Jumpsuit

If you do want to shop and you are looking for an on-trend item, the jumpsuit is making a comeback in a big way. This one is more evening but Zoe Tees make amazing, comfortable ones that work well with any shape.

Robin Hood finds, funds and creates programs and schools that generate measurable outcomes for New Yorkers battling educational failure, joblessness, teen pregnancy, abuse, AIDS, hunger, homelessness and more.

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