The better the mozzarella, the more exquisite the pizza.

Pizza: Classic Margherita


Fresh mozzarella and basil and a simple sauce, nothing beats the simple pleasure of this really well done classic Margherita.

1. Break off pieces of the dough and stretch with your fingers until quite thin. You can also roll your dough out using a rolling pin.

2. Now top your pizza, starting with the pizza sauce. Be sure not to put too much sauce on (this will weigh it down) and don’t go too close to the edge as this will make it hard to slide your peel under the pizza.

3. Sprinkle each pizza with the mozzarella and then stick them in the oven. If your oven is nice and hot, the pizza should be perfectly cooked and crisp in two minutes.

4. Sprinkle torn basil on top.

Pizza Dough

a thin layer of Pizza Sauce

freshly torn buffalo mozzarella

a few fresh basil leaves (tear onto the pizza once it’s cooked)

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