Large ice cubes and chilled glasses are make or break.

American Nightmare

Roberta's Cookbook

This cocktail from Roberta’s cookbook goes down almost a little too easy. We served it up at Cookbook Club.

1. In a cocktail shaker, muddle the cloves and lemon quarters. Add the bourbon, Vergano Americano, Grand Marnier, a dash of orange bitters, and 4 big ice cubes. Close the shaker and give it a vigorous eight-count shake.

2. Rinse a rocks glass with orange bitters and fill it with 3 big ice cubes.

3. Strain the drink into the glass and serve.

Published with permission from Roberta’s Cookbook.

serves 1

2 whole cloves

2 lemon quarters

2 ounces Booker’s bourbon

1 ounce Vergano Americano*

½ ounce Grand Marnier

Orange bitters

Big ice cubes

*This is a fortified wine from northern Italy that’s worth seeking out. It’s like a spicy, bittersweet sweet vermouth.

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