1. weelicious

    Published: November 23rd 2010

    This week, these delicious Thanksgiving recipes from come to GOOP a day early to give us time to brine the turkey and make...

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  2. Do it Delicious

    Published: November 10th 2010

    My wonderful and hilarious friend Jessica Seinfeld just published her second hit book, Double Delicious, which focuses on ways we can be smarter in...

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  3. Brunch with The Barefoot Contessa

    Published: October 27th 2010

    Beloved all over the planet (not only for her food), Ina Garten has become the inspiration in the kitchen for so many of us. Her ease, warmth, and...

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  4. Tartine

    Published: October 13th 2010

    In San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood sits Tartine, one of the most well-known and well-loved bakeries in America. There are tomes written about...

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  5. Cooking at the River Café

    Published: June 23rd 2010

    A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending the day working in London’s famous River Café, and it was incredible! The kitchen runs with a...

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  6. Mexican Dinner, Family Style

    Published: June 2nd 2010

    It is possible to make a quick and easy dinner for the family that everyone loves. Make it your own; set up all the parts separately and then explore ...

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