Following up on a recent issue on flying tips, I was asked to expound on packing. Over the years, I have gotten really good (if I do say so myself) at packing for trips without checking luggage. The trick is to think it through before you go, pack key interchangeable pieces and to not be afraid to wash clothes at the hotel, a local fluff and fold, or even in your sink (my mom has a friend who travels with a teeny bottle of Woolite to wash clothes in her hotel bathroom). We break it down for you below.


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    The Work Trip

    My specialty is going on an overseas work trip for a few days and only bringing carry-on luggage. (Anything more than a four-day trip and I would need to check luggage.) The trick is to pack clothes that are versatile and to not be afraid of doing laundry at the hotel. Here's how it works.

    What to pack
    The Work Trip

    For a work trip, when I’m in a rush most of the time getting from A to B, a rolling suitcase is ideal. I also always bring a big bag where I keep my purse, the scripts I’m reading, my workout sneakers, headphones and a few key things for the plane.

    For the plane
    The Work Trip

    I generally think of my plane outfit as part of the entire look for the trip, so I wear comfy clothes that I can easily incorporate into other outfits. This saves me a lot of room in a suitcase, too.

    Leggings, Donna Karan

    Leggings are both comfortable and warm, especially in cashmere, and are easy to dress up or down.
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    Tee, T by Alexander Wang; Long-sleeve, Rick Owens; Sweater, Kain

    Layers are essential for changes in temperature on and off the plane. I go for a tank top, a long-sleeve and a sweater.
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    Blazer, Helmut Lang

    A blazer ties the whole look together and makes for a presentable outfit when you get off the plane. You can also wear it to meetings, with jeans, etc.
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    Scarf, Burberry

    A scarf for a splash of color that's big enough to cover you up when it gets chilly up in the air.
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    Flats, Lanvin; Boots, Rag & Bone

    Flats for the plane, boots for your arrival on land. The flats roll up so you can easily store them in your purse.
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    The breakdown
    The Work Trip

    Day 1 – Meetings

    A good pair of black trousers are a perennial essential. Pair them with a blouse, heels and a blazer.

    Day 1 – Downtime

    Take the outfit to dinner and drinks with boots and a pair of dark jeans.

    Day 2 – Meetings

    For your second day of meetings, re-purpose the tee and blazer from the plane ride and pair with a flared skirt and high heels.

    Day 2 – Downtime

    I always pack a pair of sweats for chilling out at the hotel or walking to the gym for my workout.

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    The City Break

    The same outfit principle applies when you’re on vacation checking out a new city. You want to be comfortable but still look good and pack clothes that are versatile and go well together, so you can mix and match.

    What to pack
    The City Break

    For this trip, you won’t need more than a big carryall for your short city visit. Again, not checking luggage will minimize your time in the airport and the risk of losing your bags.

    For the plane
    The City Break

    Remember our tip from the Fly Better issue? If you dress up for the plane you might just get an upgrade.

    Jeans, J Brand; Tee, Splendid; Jacket, BOY. by Band of Outsiders

    Solid basics like nice jeans, a blazer and a tee are versatile in that they’re easy to dress up or dress down during the rest of your trip.
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    Sweater, Marni

    Wear a graphic sweater in bright but basic colors as a cover-up to wear with several outfits.
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    Purse, Proenza

    A shoulder strap purse is a must for a city trip. Make sure it’s big enough for a book, camera, wallet and headphones, but small enough not to be cumbersome.
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    Boots, Rag & Bone

    Slip on boots that look chic and are easy to get on and off at airport checkpoints.
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    The breakdown
    The City Break

    Day 1 - Touring

    Take your airport attire down a notch for walking around the city with a pair of sneakers and a stripy top. Take the same shoulder bag from the airplane for your camera, tour book and Wayfarer’s for taking in the architecture.

    Day 1 – Dinner out

    Keep the jeans (dark are especially versatile) and dress the rest up with a silk blouse, hoop earrings and a bright pair of heels.

    Day 2 & Day 3

    Both a black jumpsuit and a black dress are easy to dress down for day and up for night. Wear the jumpsuit one day and the dress the next and dress them up with a pair of heels at night.

    The Beach Holiday

    Again, some minimal packing while still maximizing the number of outfits by picking pieces in a similar color scheme.

    What to pack
    The Beach Holiday

    White is the main color here. It stands out on the beach and is easy to match.

    For the plane
    The Beach Holiday

    If you wear your largest and heaviest pieces on the plane, like a pair of jeans and a blazer, then you can easily pack your bikinis and cover ups in a tote.

    Jeans, Rag & Bone; Tee, Kain; Flats, Repetto

    Keep it simple in white with jeans (my current favorites are Rag & Bone), a tee and a pair of white brogues.
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    Blazer, BOY. by Band of Outsiders

    Love this blazer. It works with jeans, but is also great for dressing up your beach outfits.
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    The breakdown
    The Beach Holiday

    Day 1

    Get off the plane and change into some shorts and a tee. Wear the outfit to the beach or for walking around a beach town. We stuck with whites and pastels here, for easy outfit switches.

    Day 2

    For the day you hit the beach, wear a cover up dress by Melissa Odabash with a J.Crew bikini. If you need to dress it up a tiny bit, swap in your stripey BOY jacket.

    Day 3

    If you’re spending a day in town, take a sun dress that’s light enough for the weather but dressy enough for dinner.

    Otis Batterbee’s Packing Tips

    The maker of luxury travel accessories is a bit of a packing expert himself. Today, he lends us his top tips.

    1. The Travel Drawer: Before you go anywhere, start a travel drawer that includes: a passport, coin purse, travel adapters, sunglasses, phrase books, maps, guides and swimsuits. You can take this a step further by creating The Travel Beauty Drawer.

    2. Roll Your Clothing: I acquired this tip from a flight attendant - they always have the smallest bags. Tightly roll casual trousers, t -shirts and shorts - this also minimizes wrinkling. (Naturally, we don’t advise this for evening wear or designer dress suits.)

    3. The Suitcase: While overstuffing your suitcase can damage your clothing, lots of empty space can also cause creasing. Fill up empty spaces with white tissue paper and place a towel over the top.

    4. Security Savvy: Always remember to have two identity luggage tags on your case, including one on the inside, in case the outside label gets ripped off.

    5. Tissue paper and more tissue paper! I buy reams of tissue paper for placing between shirts and knitwear; it really is the best way to keep clothes in shape. Plus it feels like you have been shopping a fabulous boutique when you’re unpacking at the other end!

    6. The Travel Pouch: A shameless plug. Those leather passport and boarding pass holders are such a waste of time, as you’re forever having to take everything out anyway. In my travel pouch I keep my smart phone, passport, boarding pass, money, sunglasses and a good book.

    Garance Doré’s Packing Tips

    Fashion illustrator and photographer Garance Doré travels almost constantly, so we asked her for her best travel advice. Side note: we loved this piece on traveling with sweatpants from her blog.

    1. Buy some small containers for liquids - Muji has good ones - so you can bring your beauty products from home.

    2. For silk shirts, don’t fold them. Just lay them flat at the bottom of your suitcase, one on top of the other.

    3. Depending on where you go, bring a mini steamer. Hotel irons are a crime.

    4. Things we tend to forget:

    • some sort of pajama
    • toothpaste
    • tweezers
    • cotton pads for removing makeup
    • workout clothes

    5. It’s always good to bring your favorite tea. It can make anywhere feel like home. And your favorite oatmeal too!

    6. I always bring a scarf when I fly. It can double as a blanky.

    7. I recommend washing underwear by hand. It takes three seconds before bed and they're dry in the morning.

    8. On jewelry: check with your hotel if they have a safe. In certain places expensive jewelry can become quite a burden. When in doubt, leave it at home.

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