Our First App

    Surprise! This week, goop arrives on a Tuesday.

    I have always dreamed of finding a city guide that would be just right for me, like a trusted friend whose opinion you knew you could count on. After years of being steered in the wrong direction by bribed concierges, biased opinions and just plain bad suggestions, I decided to create what I had been missing: The goop City Guide! We begin with New York City and you can expect many more over the coming months. This app will be your resource for the tried and tested of the best and coolest of Manhattan (and Brooklyn, and a bit of Queens, the Bronx and New Jersey). After a lot of careful curation and hard work, our first ever app (that will update from time to time with the freshest, most cutting-edge info) is ready for purchase on the App Store!



    Available on the App Store

    The first goop App—a New York City Guide—is finally here! Here’s a sneak peak:

    This is the front page, which will take you to all the sections we’ve covered (and will be updating regularly), from where to eat, to where to shop, to what to do in an emergency.

    One of the 18 sections in the app is titled "A Day in New York" and features two short films—one of all my favorite spots for a great day spent in the city.

    Be sure to check it out and write a review telling us what you think on the App Store.

    Behind the Scenes—Shooting the App videos:

    8 crew members and I spent one hot and humid August day shooting in several different locations all over New York City. We started at the MoMA before opening hours and finished off eating Pizza at San Marzano on the Lower East Side.

    Filming while we approach one of New York's best shops for the tabletop, Global Table. Axel Baumann films while Slane Hatch walks behind him with the sound recording equipment. Mary Wigmore, the video director, follows. Steve Slovacek, our awesome production assistant, is behind.

    Ryan Alexander, the Boom Operator and Slane Hatch on Sound take a break.

    There were up to 6 of us in the store at one time. Thankfully we managed not to break anything!

    I went to Curve, another great Soho shop, for some tips on mixing and matching. Barbara gives me the low-down while Jason Harvey and Axel Baumann film, Mary Wigmore directs, and Ryan Alexander holds the boom. It was pretty close quarters at times!

    Rudy, the unstoppable driver (and a serious foodie), got us from place to place, and also shared his favorites for a separate film in the app—"Rudy's Eats"—a more affordable restaurant and quick-stop food guide.

    We had a fantastic lunch break at Market Table for a few great salads and dishes to share.

    The Making of the App:

    1. Having grown up mostly in New York City and having lived there on and off my whole life, over the years I've carefully gathered a list of all my most favorite spots and services. We put all of it, over 220 tried and tested listings that made the cut, in this app: restaurants, specialty shops, book stores, beauty parlors, doctors, health practitioners and more. It's ultra-useful for both those who live in the city and those who want to visit.
    2. Julie Drazen, our video editor, took about 40 hours of video and pared it down into two short films.
    3. And then, after many breakfast meetings with our developers at Katana, it was down to whittling our content down, deciding who made the cut and who didn't. We made sure we covered all the angles. I think we did it! …
    4. We found Bernadette Pascua, an amazing illustrator, who made our app look beautiful. Here’s a selection of her icons for the app.

    1. Here I am at the goop HQ finishing up the app.

    My right hand, Eliza Honey, and I making final edits.

    To the right, Claire Palmer lends a hand. She just joined and has been doing an amazing job at managing the app.

    1. We will continue to update the content and our "Culture" listings often—every time we find something new and wonderful in New York.

    So that's our behind the scenes look at our definitive guide to NYC. We're really excited it's finally available for $3.99 on the App Store.

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