1. Beneath the Sheets

    Published: June 14th 2012

    Why is the best part of staying at a nice hotel always the bed? Getting into those crisp, perfectly-made sheets. It's heaven. I asked for the bedding ...

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  2. The Honest Company & the Non-Toxic Home

    Published: May 31st 2012

    A few weeks ago, I saw a friend of mine's kid wearing these super cool skull and bones diapers and I asked where they were from. It turns out they're ...

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  3. How To Do Your Own Hair

    Published: May 24th 2012

    Despite having a job where I am meant to be presentable in public, I am wholly unskilled in the arena of doing my hair and makeup. I work with a...

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  4. Flower Arranging by Vase

    Published: May 3rd 2012

    I love to pick up a nice bunch of flowers when I see some of my faves at the market (peonies, lillies, hydrangeas, to name a few), but when I get...

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  5. For the mother-to-be

    Published: April 5th 2012

    In the past few months we’ve received lots of reader requests for a goop issue on pregnancy, and so we got to work on the subject. Below are all my ...

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  6. The Buzz

    Published: March 15th 2012

    You know when you start hearing about the same thing from different people at around the same time? This has been happening to me lately in regard...

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