Beneath the Sheets

    Why is the best part of staying at a nice hotel always the bed? Getting into those crisp, perfectly-made sheets. It's heaven. I asked for the bedding recipes and techniques at some of the best hotel beds I've stayed in to see if I could recreate the same feel at home.


    The Connaught Bed

    We love the beds at The Connaught hotel in London, and today, housekeeping takes us up to the master bedroom of the top floor Apartment to show us how they make it.

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    Our Favorite Feature:
    The Duvet Cover

    The Connaught’s duvet is open at the top (most of ours have buttons at the bottom) and has a turn down flap, which you fold over to reveal croquet-style stitching, giving the appearance of a top sheet. A classic tromp l'oeil.

    The Connaught uses 300-thread-count (400 in the Apartment) 100% Egyptian cotton Rivolta Carmignani Italian linens on all its beds.

    Shutters on the Beach Bed
    Santa Monica

    Shutters, one of our favorite places to stay in LA and one of only two hotels right on Santa Monica Beach, created their very own bedding, which they use on all their beds.


    “It begins with the mattress, and ours has a quilted mattress pillowtop and a Memory Foam layer built in.”


    “We start with the 300-thread-count Egyptian cotton classic flat sheet to cover the mattress, as opposed to a fitted sheet. Make sure the sheet covers the entire mattress and is tucked under tightly so it doesn’t come out when you get into bed.


    “Rather than using a second or top sheet, we just use a 100% feather comforter covered with a washable 300-thread-count duvet cover. When you put the duvet cover on the comforter, make sure the covers are hanging over equally.”


    “Finally, an 100% cotton coverlet is added to the bottom of the bed for decoration and added warmth.”


    “We use three pillow shams, three king size pillows in front of the shams, and a small decorative pillow in front. In total, there are seven pillows on the bed.”

    A couple of tips:

    1. “To ensure the most comfortable bed, we wash and press the linens daily. Though you don’t need to do this at home, pressing the linens does make a big difference.”
    2. “To make the bed look extra comfortable, make sure to fluff the pillows and the comforter.”

    The Berkeley Bed

    The Berkeley in London, in operation for over 100 years, reveals their two most crucial bed-making musts.

    1. Moisture

    “The trick here is moisture. To keep the bed crisp and without any creases we spray a bit of water on the top of the duvet to moisten the linen before pulling it very tautly on either side. You can also use a light scented spray, for fragrance.”

    2. Rotation

    “Rotating the mattresses at least every three months is essential. It extends the life of the mattress while keeping it firm at the same time. Here at The Berkeley, we replace the mattresses quite often but keep them in top shape while in use. Each corner of the bed is labeled with three months, like August, September, November, to make the rotating easy. At home, you can just rotate clockwise.”

    The Berkeley uses 300-thread-count 100% Egyptian cotton Rivolta Carmignani Italian linens on all its beds.

    The Pierre Bed
    New York City

    Located right on Central Park West, The Pierre has been keeping it pretty fancy since its opening in 1930. Today, the hotel’s Director of Housekeeping, Joshua Odriscoll, let us pick his brain on hospital corners.

    The Hospital Corner

    1. “The most important step in making perfect hospital corners is to ensure that you take the time to tuck the sheet neatly and evenly underneath the mattress.”
    2. “Always start with the bottom of the bed. After you have finished tucking the sheet under the bottom of the bed, you can tuck the sides in by starting from the headboard and working your way towards the foot of the bed.”
    3. “Tuck the sheets deeply under the mattress to ensure that they will be snug and not come loose.”
    4. “When you get to the foot of the bed, grasp the end of the sheet that will eventually be tucked under the side of the mattress. Use your other hand to neatly fold the part of the sheet that is draping into a 45 degree angle so that it creates a triangle against the side of the mattress.”
    5. “Tightly pull down and tuck the remaining side of the sheet underneath the mattress and use your hands to smooth out any wrinkles. This process should then be repeated on the other side of the mattress.”

    The Pierre uses 300-thread-count Frette linens on all its beds.

    George V Bed

    Old-school extravagance (think 9,000 flowers shipped in weekly from the Netherlands) meets Four Seasons luxury in the heart of Paris. Today, housekeeping Assistant Manager, Constance Chapalain, lends a few tips on how to make your bed like the ones in the George V.

    1. Top the Mattress

    “At the George V, all mattresses are covered with a Stearns & Foster topper for added comfort.”

    2. Shake the Duvet

    “Place the duvet in the duvet cover. Take both corners of the duvet and insert them inside the duvet cover. Once both corners are set inside the duvet, take them and shake until the cover comes down. Place the duvet on the bed. Then, insert the two last corners of the duvet into the cover and set onto the bed.”

    3. Fold the Pillow

    “The tip to a nice pillow is to fold it in two, insert it in the pillow case and tuck the opened end to close it!”

    The George V uses Gastaldi Linen in their rooms and Schwob AG Swiss linens in their suites.

    Linens We Love

    In addition to the brands used by the hotels above (Frette, Gastaldi Linen, Schwob AG, Rivolta Carmignani and Shutters Beach Style), here are a few of our favorite names in linen, all available online.


    Manufactured from top-quality Italian yarns, Anichini combines old-world craftsmanship with stylish design. They also stock very cool furniture and accessories, all hand-made in Vermont.

    John Robshaw Textiles

    Inspired by the fabric-making traditions and dyeing techniques of India, John Robshaw bedding is beautifully colorful and vibrant with lots of patterns. This is the place to go if you’re looking for something a little more exotic and still very well-made.


    This Italian company offers classic bedding that’s super luxe, but still relaxed and comfortable. Lots of natural nudes and soft, subtle patterns. They also do table linens, blankets, baby clothes and more.

    Volga Linen

    Washing and pressing your linens is nice, but what’s even better is not having to. Volga Linens offers beautiful 100% eco-friendly soft-crushed linens that are designed to look great without ironing. Still crisp and luxe with a lovely organic-look, thanks to natural colors, visible hem-stitching and thread work embroidery, Volga offers a cool and contemporary touch to any bedroom.

    Yves Delorme

    Opened in France in 1845, Yves Delorme’s quality and attention to detail is hard to match, incorporating lots of delicate weaves and embroidery.

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