New Year's Revolution

    I have gooped about Dr Alejandro Junger's Clean program before because it gave me such spectacular results; it is really just the thing if you are in need of a good detox—wanting some mental clarity and to drop a few pounds. Especially for us, Dr. Junger has created some amazing bonus material, a treasure trove of recipes for a 21-Day Elimination Diet and a three-day cleanse for those of us who want to start with a mini (although I cannot recommend the 21-day version enough). Here's to a happy liver and an amazing 2011!


    From Dr. Alejandro Junger:

    "Becoming healthy is the most common New Year's Resolution for a good reason. It is one of the core resolutions which all other resolutions depend on. Without vibrant health and wellness, how can we begin to really enjoy life to its fullest?

    As an open-minded physician I am always searching for pathways to true health for myself and my patients. In all my years and travels I have found that there are two essential pillars required to successfully turn a hopeful health resolution into a reality:

    1. A good plan, which serves as a map and provides structure; and
    2. A support community, to provide accountability and encouragement on your journey

    After much trial and error I discovered a plan that works and I've called it the Clean Program. The Clean Program is a proven plan that thousands have followed to achieve vibrant health. I've outlined three variations of the Clean Program here and my hope is that one of the three fits your 2011 health goals.

    Each plan is supported by the incredible online community at My Clean Program. This is a place where anyone can ask questions, get tips and share their journey. The purpose of the community is to help keep members inspired and accountable.

    With a proven plan and a supportive community, you'll have the tools to turn your 2011 health resolution into a personal revolution."

    Here's to your health in this wonderful new year,
    Alejandro Junger M.D.

    Plan A: The Clean 21-Day Cleanse

    Basics: A 21-day detox program for achieving vibrant health and restoring the body's own natural ability to heal itself. Specifically designed for the person on the move who wants to remain active and cleanse. Unlike some traditional cleanses, you don't need to stay at home while you detox.

    Overview: The Clean 21-Day Cleanse consists of a shake for breakfast, lunch from a set list of approved foods (called the Elimination Diet) and a shake for dinner. Throughout the day you take your recommended Clean supplements.

    Who Should Do This Cleanse?: If you are serious about turning around your health in 2011, this cleanse is for you. The cleanse focuses on changing habits and resetting the digestive track so foods that you find yourself craving begin to have very little appeal to you. The cleanse isn't hard, but it does take focus.

    Benefits: The most frequently reported benefits are mental clarity, improved energy, improved digestion, weight loss, balanced moods, and long-term dietary changes.

    Getting Started: There are two ways to get started on this 21-day cleanse:

    Option 1: Order the Clean Program Detox Kit, which provides you with everything you need to successfully complete this cleanse.

    Option 2: Purchase my book Clean and follow the detailed program outlined there.

    Plan B: Clean 21-Day Elimination Diet

    Basics: A 21-day dietary program based on removing foods from our diet that are known to cause food allergies, food sensitivities, and disruptions in the digestive process. This diet helps your system reset and cleanse in a very gentle way.

    Overview: For 21 days you eat three square meals a day exclusively from the Elimination Diet. The Elimination Diet is my list of approved and non-approved foods. The approved foods will encourage light detoxification. Avoiding the non-approved foods will encourage many things such as improved digestion, improved beneficial bacteria levels, and light weight loss.

    Who Should Do This Cleanse?: The 21-Day Elimination Diet is perfect for someone who is looking for a stepping stone on their path to optimal health, but might not be ready for a full-blown cleanse.

    Getting Started: To get started on this program simply download this guide and follow the instructions and recipes.

    Recipes for the 21-Day Elimination Diet
    More recipes for the 21-Day Elimination Diet!

    Plan C: Clean Mini 3-Day Cleanse

    Basics: A 3-Day mini-cleanse designed to give your digestive system a rest and boost your energy levels.

    Overview: One liquid meal for breakfast and two solid meals from the recipes provided below for lunch and dinner. No supplements are needed for this mini-cleanse.

    Who Should Do This Cleanse?: This mini-cleanse is best for those who only need a slight reset. It's also used as a maintenance program for those that have first gone through Plan A or Plan B.

    Getting Started: To get started on this program simply download this guide and follow the instructions and recipes.

    Recipes for the Mini 3-Day Cleanse
    More recipes for the Mini 3-Day Cleanse!

    Why Cleanse?

    Whether it's the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, or the products we use, everyone is affected by the thousands of chemicals in our internal and external environment. These chemicals can inhibit the proper functioning of our bodies and make us feel run down. What's more, much of the food we eat today is low in minerals and nutrients, high in refined sugars and starches, and void of adequate fiber. Many of these common foods can produce inflammatory responses throughout the body which, over time, can degrade the quality of our digestive system. These plans work by removing the most common food allergens while lightening up your diet, so your body can spend its energy cleansing and healing.

    We all want vibrant bodies, loads of energy, and a clear mind. Because many of us are lacking in vital minerals, nutrients, phytonutrients, and healthy fats, the Clean Program emphasizes nutrient-dense shakes and daily meals to help rebuild your body while you cleanse. These nutrients will help build your mineral reserves, support liver detoxification, and maintain consistent energy while on the program.

    New Year's Resolutions

    To usher in a new era of global peace, environmental stewardship, and general good vibes through the power of pressed, unpasteurized juice.
    - Philip Otto, Beverly Hills Juice Club

    To keep faith and focus on the goodness in humanity even in the current world atmosphere of terrorist threats, economic  worry and environmental concern. The time to have faith is when we need it, and we need it now!
    - Dr. Karen Binder-Brynes

    My New Year's Resolution in 2011 is to unplug completely on the Sundays from all internet, emails, text messages and other social media and turn everything off except for the old fashioned broadcast TV to watch a football game or 2. Hopefully this will also eventually lead to Saturday inclusion for an invasion and detachment-free weekend with my wife and 2 boys ... who knows where this may lead??  Family book reading?? Silly word games?? Comfortable stretches of quiet??  God, how nerve-wracking the idea??!!
    -Mario Batali

    I don't typically believe in waiting a year to "resolve"—it should be a daily thing: I'll say, to communicate on a deeper level with the people I love (not just in my music...). And to not eat french fries everyday!
    - Jay-Z

    This year I will not allow doubts to diminish my belief in myself, knowing that the only limits are the ones I put on myself. I will accomplish great things by awakening and sustaining certainty in my abilities and what I can accomplish for myself my family and the world. 
    - Michael Berg

    My New Years Resolution is to invest more in people who are 'like-hearted. I sometimes find myself trying to change people and things in my life that will probably never change or can't be fixed.  Years can sometimes pass by so quickly, and it's important to always surround yourself with people who respect your gifts and are in your life for the right reasons. 
    - Tracy Anderson

    1. Do not get upset for stupid things
    2. Do Pilates 3 times a week
    3. Wear a helmet when I ski
    - Valentino

    - Deepak Chopra

    In the year 2011, I'm gonna lose 15 pounds, 10 pounds, 3 pounds. 3 pounds is doable. I could totally lose 3 pounds. And I will quit introducing myself to people as Kenny Simon.
    - Jimmy Fallon

    I don't do New Year's resolutions any more. After trying for many years, only to give them up for Lent (LOL!), I finally saw that they were putting me in a wrong relationship with myself. So instead, now I simply carve out a chunk of silent time to reflect deeply on the passing year—the high points, the low points, the gifts, the lessons—and to open a space in my heart to receive the new year, with it own awaiting high points, low points, and lessons. Thus prepared inwardly for the voyage, I then set sail, wherever the winds and currents are to carry me.
    - Cynthia Bourgeault

    My resolution this year is to use whatever happens—whether challenging or pleasant—as a way to grow.
    - Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel

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