Hair Tips from Orlando Pita

I had the great fortune of working with Orlando Pita when I was in my early twenties and I’ve been a devoted fan ever since. He’s one of the world’s most sought after hairdressers: you can see his work in fashion magazines, on the runways, on the red carpet, and more. Orlo shared this season’s easygoing hairstyle with us. —GP

I swear by his line of T3 tools for hair-styling and straightening when I don’t have time for the salon:

T3 Mane Tamer

The hair iron for impossibly thick and wavy hair.

T3 Volumize Hair Styler

A volumizer for short hair-dos.

T3 Single Pass

A quickie fix for straightening and styling in a rush.

Smooth Operator Styling Set

A basic toolkit.

Orlo Salon
4 Gansevoort St., 3rd fl
New York, NY
+212 242 3266

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