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Clean and Decidedly Superior…Floss

Clean and Decidedly Superior…Floss
There are clean/organic/natural items that are just as good as their conventional counterparts—but of course better, because they’re not toxic to people or the earth. Then there are the double-better ones, the clean/organic/natural items that are superior, period, not even accounting for non-toxicity and earth-friendliness. Created by two Bay Area sisters—one a dentist, the other an artist—Cocofloss is an all-natural floss that’s thick, yet glides easily between spaces, strong but flexible, and comes in three subtle-yet-entirely-pleasing flavors, coconut, mint, and strawberry (the coconut, for instance, is more coconut-oil scent than over-the-top pina colada—in other words, it’s perfect). It will absolutely improve your life (and, perhaps as a stocking-stuffer, the lives of others).

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