The Classic Paris Guide


Paris is overrun with culture-defining institutions, whether it’s its storied cafés, unparalleled art collections, our couture-based boutiques. Here are a handful of spots that epitomize classic Paris.

Café de Flore

172 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 6th | +

This classic Parisian Art Deco café on the corner of Boulevard Saint-Germain has played host to everyone from Sartre to Picasso. They came for the coffee and the people-watching, as should you: When the weather's nice, find a spot on the outdoor patio.

Le Tango

13 Rue au Maire, 3rd | +

Inarguably one of the best places to dance in Paris, this aptly named joint—tucked away in an alley in the corner of the Marais—offers tango classes until 1am, at which point it morphs into an all-out gay disco.

T’CHA La Maison de Thé

6 Rue du Pont de Lodi, 6th | +

Quiet and tucked away, this little teahouse is the perfect destination if you’re in the mood for a light lunch or a perfect cup of sencha.

Au Petit Fer à Cheval

30 Rue Vieille du Temple, 4th | +

Still sporting its original décor from 1903, the horseshoe shaped bar beckons for a coffee, a kir (white wine and crème de cassis), or a quick meal. While there's a full restaurant seating in the back, it lacks the prime people-watching you'll get up front.

Le Bar

31 Avenue George V, 8th | +

Opulent to the max, “Le Bar” at the George V is one of our favorite places to tuck into a martini: It’s pricey, but it has atmosphere in spades, along with a well-heeled crowd.