Healthy Meal Delivery Services

Just like anything else that’s inherently good for you, staying the course on the path to meeting healthful eating goals is hard work—researching, shopping for, and actually cooking nutritiously sound, from-scratch meals on the daily isn’t a realistic ask for most. The game-changing brilliance of meal delivery programs is that they make putting delicious healthy food on the table as easy as ordering takeout. The ones below have healthy, organic, local, and diet-specific menus, with many offering detox-friendly options, too.

Eat Evolve

More than anything, the people behind UK-wide meal-delivery outfit, Eat Evolve, pride themselves on the quality of the ingredients used to prep the inspired by—but not restricted to—Paleo meals: No gluten, refined sugar, or preservatives and strictly free-range, grass-fed meats and sustainably farmed seafood. What makes them stand out, though, is the fact that all meals are developed by Michelin-trained chefs, so even the simplest-sounding dish (lemon and thyme chicken or roasted salmon) is guaranteed to taste restaurant-worthy.


With eight different locations scattered all over London, this ingredient-driven salad/flatbread/soup operation makes eating well at work all week long totally effortless and most importantly, enjoyable. Once you sign up for delivery services, you can place the day’s order in the morning (or the night before) and have your lunch—everything from pho bowls to curries to 100% vegan wraps—delivered to your office or home. Get your coworkers in on the action and go in on a group lunch from the extensive catering menu.

Lunch BXD

This is a new-ish concept from two ingenious women who met at cooking school and came up with a healthy lunch delivery service. If you order on the day, there's one wholesome vegetarian salad available which you can then add protein to—chicken, salmon, or pulled pork—though if you order a couple of days in advance you get to pick from five variations. Regardless, the daily specials are great and feel like a hearty meal whether you go vegetarian or not. It's worth getting coworkers in on the deal, as prices are cheaper by the dozen and they'll expand the delivery radius for offices, too.

The Good Life Eatery

59 Sloane Ave., Chelsea | +44.20.7052.9388

Green juices, superfood salads, açai bowls, and the like are the health-infused, light, protein-packed goodies offered at this all-day café. The concept is further improved by the fact that if you go to the café (and manage to snag a spot) it's wifi-free and meant for "real" conversation or reading, though if you'd rather take away, you can also have it delivered. This is the original—thanks to huge lines they've opened a second location in Belgravia—but with better quality food in such high demand, it's bound to grow.

The Detox Kitchen

10 Mortimer St., Fitzrovia | +44.20.7498.6417

The Detox Kitchen is quite simply the OG (and best) health food and detox delivery service in London. It's first deli on Kingly Street yielded a whole new troop of beetroot brownie and spiralized zucchini salad devotees. Now, its enlightened founder Lily Simpson is moving on to bigger and better things with a big new flagship in a fancy new development in Fitzrovia. The new Detox Kitchen melds food and exercise classes into a healthy lifestyle emporium. It's the full package with amazing, uber-healthy, raw, and delicious salads and treats, alongside exercise classes with some of the city's best teachers.