Hamptons Update: The Best New Spots


There’s always an influx of great new stores and restaurants in the Hamptons every summer—and this year is no different. We’ve tried many of these—and have heard that others are great. Below, what’s new (and a few things that are just new to us), including some exciting art openings. To see our round-ups from years past (and more great spots to work into your weekend itineraries, like Dave’s Grill and Clam Bar), look here and here. And meanwhile, we’ve put together a beach packing list, too.



We’ve made no small point of our affection for Uber—and we don’t intend to make a small point of the fact that we’re thrilled it’s finally available in the Hamptons.


Tailwind @ Fly The Whale


Tailwind—which offers chartered flights from New York City to Boston and D.C.—has partnered with Fly the Whale to drop New Yorkers in East Hampton and Nantucket. It’s $550 to fly from NYC to East Hampton on Thursday or Friday, but only $99 if you catch a lift out on Sunday or Monday. Thanks to their amphibious planes, they take off and land on the East River.



For $550 each way, you can snag a seat on one of these sea planes, which leave from the East River on Thursdays and Fridays (returning, Sundays and Mondays).



It’s certainly not cheap (about $575. one-way), but this new app lets you book a seat on a helicopter out to the Hamptons (or, you can just book the whole thing and crowd source out the seats if there isn’t a flight at the time you need to take-off). If inclement weather persists, they’ll drive you to your destination in a Maserati. Hilarious.

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