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Day 21: Eclectic Accents

All it takes is one standout piece to completely reinvent a simple jeans-and-tee look—in this case, a fuzzy, retro-chic...


Day 19: Getting Warmer

Warm tones like beige and burgundy look incredibly polished against dark-navy blue—especially when mixed textures are introduced. Here,...


Day 18: Mixed Metals

Subtle metallic accents are the chic, smart way to spruce up a relaxed, boyish plaid shirt and jeans. Here,...


Day 17: That 70’s Show

Rich brown leather is perfectly on-season, meaning it warms up any look with a distinctly autumnal vibe. Bonus round:...


Affordable Workwear

All it takes to build a great workwear wardrobe, one that goes the distance without breaking the bank, is...


Day 16: Old Gold

The super-cozy, weekend-ready combo of relaxed sweater, chinos, and sneakers is made extra chic with subtle metallic accents like...


Day 15: New Balance

Classic separates (wool coat, crisp button-up, slingback heels) and subtle touches (here, a pink silk scarf tied like an...