Jennifer Freed on ROMANCE

“Romance necessitates a suspension of reality in favor of an undiscriminating ardor that glosses over concerns and highlights possibilities. To maintain a romance over time, people need to let go of the mundane and escape to timeless wonder. After the first two years of any relationship, incredible willpower is required to resist the lull of repetition, and to reinvent the stardust of romance.”

Why Relationships Fail—Astrologically Speaking

Keeping the romance in a long-term relationship challenges just about everyone at some point. Dr. Jennifer Freed, goop’s resident...


“Be realistic, whatever the case may be: Expect Uncle Joe to get drunk and act out; expect your mom to treat you like a child; expect your sister-in-law to set no limits with her spoiled kid. Being realistic enables you to work on yourself by holding yourself to a standard of emotional maturity you may have never before achieved in their midst.”

How to Get Through Tough Family Gatherings

Even if you love every member of your family dearly, holiday gatherings are often complicated affairs, and the holidays...

Barry Michels on EMPATHY

Barry Michels “There is so much pain and suffering across the globe these days that it can be difficult to resist the urge to avert our eyes—particularly when we hold this suffering up in contrast to the privilege and protection that so many of us enjoy. But as stark as the contrast, there really isn't much of a relationship between the two, and the incipient guilt of feeling like you have too much in relationship to the have nots does nothing to help.”

Empathy: The Power to Reconcile Guilt

There is so much pain and suffering across the globe these days that it can be difficult to resist...