We Tried 3 Beauty Protocols

Just as with any new face cream or eye regimen, the changes you can see after three weeks of a new beauty vitamin routine are subtle, not mind-blowing. But three goop staffers tried three new approaches to ingestible beauty over the three weeks that encompassed the holidays, including New Year’s—not typically the moment when your skin and body are necessarily at their best—and all three were impressed. Here, what they took, and how they felt after it was over.

Christine Waters Assistant Buyer, Home

“I have never had nice nails; I always keep them short and unpainted and don’t do anything (aside from eating well) to keep them healthy. I was interested in seeing if taking a supplement to strengthen and quicken nail growth would be effective. I chose this HUM pack because it addresses hair and even skin complexion, too. After about two weeks, I noticed my nails growing more quickly—I’d imagined it would take a bit longer for results to show! (I can’t say that I noticed a significant difference in their strength, though they did not feel weak by any means.) My skin has definitely improved, and I have gotten several compliments from family/friends who noticed a positive change, but it could also be the goop by Juice Beauty day moisturizer and face oil that have become a part of my daily routine as well… Overall, the pack is very convenient.”

Ashley Lewis Senior Director, Wellness

This Organic Pharmacy kit is a great entry-level detox program, which is what I was looking for. It’s not too restrictive or taxing, and didn’t require too much of a time commitment, so it was a nice place to start. And I lost some weight, which is not typical for this time of year for most. Buy these supplements if you’re interested in testing out this whole ‘detox’ thing. It’s a relatively easy regimen and comes with good recipe suggestions. Plus, it’s only ten days!”

Blair Lawson Head Merchant

“I definitely get run-down, between my job and three young kids, and I really wanted to work probiotics into my morning routine—for immune system strength, energy, and of course, glow! I mixed the Beauty Chef powder into the hot lemon water that I already drink first thing every morning. I like the taste, and the results, so far…I definitely feel better, a little less exhausted, and people have commented on my skin, remarking that I look well-rested after the holidays, even though rest is pretty much the last thing I got!”

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